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Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh is a province located in the north-central region of Vietnam, situated northeast of the capital city of Hanoi. Known as "Halong Bay on land" or "Halong Bay on the rice paddies," Ninh Binh boasts stunning natural landscapes, including unique limestone mountain ranges, lush green valleys, winding rivers and streams, majestic caves, and ancient temples.

Ninh Binh is also an ideal destination for those looking to explore Vietnamese culture and history. Visitors can learn about the cultures of the Kinh, Hoa, and indigenous people in the region. Moreover, Ninh Binh is home to many important cultural and historical landmarks of Vietnam, such as the Hoa Lu Ancient Capital, Trang An Landscape Complex, and the Tam Coc - Bich Dong Scenic Landscape Complex, which is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In Ninh Binh, visitors can experience a variety of outdoor activities, such as boating, mountain climbing, trekking, or cycling. In addition, they can enjoy traditional local delicacies, such as chè (sweet soup), grilled chicken, crispy rice crackers, and bánh chưng (sticky rice cake).

Come to Ninh Binh and discover the secrets and diversity of Vietnamese culture and nature!


Visit Trang An Landscape Complex: A scenic area featuring a labyrinth of waterways, limestone cliffs, and ancient temples, and recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Explore Tam Coc: Also known as the "Dry Halong Bay," Tam Coc is famous for its scenic karst landscape, which can be experienced through a leisurely boat ride.

Climb Mua Cave: A popular destination for hiking, Mua Cave offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

Visit Hoa Lu Ancient Capital: An important political and cultural center of Vietnam in the 10th and 11th centuries, Hoa Lu features ancient temples, tombs, and palaces.

Discover Cuc Phuong National Park: The oldest national park in Vietnam, Cuc Phuong offers an opportunity to observe diverse flora and fauna, including rare species of primates and birds.

Explore Bai Dinh Pagoda: One of the largest Buddhist temples in Southeast Asia, Bai Dinh Pagoda features impressive architecture, intricate carvings, and stunning views.

Enjoy traditional local cuisine: Ninh Binh is known for its unique and delicious dishes, such as goat meat, crispy rice crackers, and eel soup.

Cycle around the countryside: Ninh Binh's peaceful countryside is perfect for cycling, with scenic routes through rice paddies, small villages, and lush greenery.

Visit Van Long Nature Reserve: A peaceful wetland area known for its natural beauty and diverse wildlife, including the endangered Delacour's langur.

Experience the rural life: Take a homestay in a local village and experience the daily life of the people in Ninh Binh, including farming, fishing, and traditional handicrafts.

Ninh Binh

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