From the Mountains to the Sea: Adventure Tours Vietnam Has it All

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Saigon – Mekong Delta – Beach extension 7 days

Cycle Tour along the coastline of Vietnam

Ha Long Alova Premium Cruises Full Day

Stellar of the Seas cruises

Mekong Eyes and Dragon Eyes Cruise











From the Mountains to the Sea: Adventure Tours Vietnam Has it All
Asia Pacific

A great tour

I would highly recommend visiting Cao Bang and exploring its natural and cultural riches through a guided tour. It's a unique and unforgettable experience that will leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.
From the Mountains to the Sea: Adventure Tours Vietnam Has it All

A Brilliant Trip

We have been on a couple of cycling trips before and this one was probably the best. Tri our guide was outstanding and all our fellow cyclists were a great bunch of people. We got a real flavour of life in Vietnam. Lots of interesting food.The meals were good and plentiful. Thought we would lose weight but didn't! Good Hotels. Many highlights but a couple or so to point out,Whale Island and Hoi An, the 30km exhilarating downhill ride and cycling in city centre traffic...... great fun but leaves your heart racing. It is quite full on which leaves you wanting to spend more time in some of the places visited. The usual pattern is arrive at 5 - 6 pm, leave at 7.15 next morning. However we did find time to swim in the hotel pools. Overnight train was great fun ....all part of the adventure. To cover the length of the country there are some longish times in the bus but the bus was comfortable but great chance to talk with your fellow travellers. This also gives you time to see more of the country and people watch. Staggered us how much could be piled on a scooter!The bikes were ideal for the road conditions as well as being clean and very well maintained. At the frequent refreshment/rest stops there was lots of juice, water, fruit, nuts and biscuits. The driver and bike mechanic were very friendly and very competent. Great organization, things happened when Tri said they would.
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